For over fifteen years I have been producing wedding videos, but it wasn't until I found my true love that I realized how special and important a wedding video can be. In 2007 my wife Lori and I created NiLo, in part to help support our family, but mostly because we believe in the importance of preserving the most special day for a couple to relive over and over again.


Based in Arkansas, NiLo specializes in capturing your wedding day in a modern yet elegant cinematic style. Our videos provide visual and audio documentation enabling our clients to transport themselves back in time to memories otherwise lost in still photography alone. The sights and sounds that our production provides will take you back to the time and place where you took your most important steps. Year after year, anniversary after anniversary, watch your dad tear up as he is walking you down the aisle. Listen to your husband as he is saying his vows...and only you knew that he was about to cry. Laugh together as you watch your grandparents dance with moves you never knew they had!


As a Christian video production business, Lori and I believe in the sanctity of marriage. We are reminded about our promise to God as well as each other every time we step behind the camera. It is our hope that our videos will better help remind you of your promises. We have been blessed with the ability and talent to create these videos and we hope to share our blessings with you and your families.